Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Name That Movie

I loved playing name that movie with my sisters,growing up, usually while we were doing dishes together. My dad always told us we should sing together while we worked so we could grow up and be like the Lemon sisters. . . who?

So here are a couple of lines for you to ponder, what movie is this from?

1. I have a very thirsty date. She's part camel.

2. Can I borrow your towel? My car just hit a water-buffalo.

3. Hope is a good thing. Maybe the best thing. And a good thing never dies.

4. I love black underwears!

5. Why don't you go back to you double-wide and fry something?

6. You'll make a fine little helper. What's your name?

Charles de Mar.

Shut up, geek.

7. You can keep doing that forever. The dog is NEVER going to move.

8. Why do they always paint hallways that color?

They say taupe is very soothing.

9. Nine million terrorist in the world and I gotta kill the one with feet smaller than my sisters.
(that one is for Carrie)

10. Can you keep a secret?
So can I.

I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Random Acts of Crying

I cry. A lot. When I am happy, when I am sad, when I hear loud noises-whatever- I cry. So I thought I would catch you up to date on some of my past and present acts of crying.

I. The first time I remember crying while reading a book was when I was in Mrs. Kinion's fifth grade class reading Where the Red Fern Grows. If you have read the book then you know what part I cried at- its sad! This should have been an early indicator that I would be spewing out tears for the rest of my life faster than Tanya Harding with her broken shoe laces.

II. You may also remember in November, when I went to vote, that I started to cry watching the people in front of me vote. Good Gravy.

III. A couple of weeks ago, I cried while watching Charlotte's Web. I was with a bunch of my gal pals and our kids, so I was trying to hide my sobing so as not to be made fun of for the rest of my life. You probably think I cried at the part where Charlotte dies- I did, but that wasn't my first bout of tears for the movie. The water works officially began when Wilber doesn't get the blue ribbon. . . what, am I like four?!!

IV. I don't like to watch really sad movies. . i.e. all war movies. . . because they depress the heck out of me and I cry. Life is Beautiful was on tv a couple of months ago and I didn't want to watch it, because a.) the guy annoys the heck out of me ( a lot of heck comes out of me apparently), and b.) it's so sad! I was crying, trying not to openingly sob, when I looked over a Cody and saw he was crying also! Our kids have no chance.

V. I cried when I got pulled over the first time. I was driving Kelsey Shoemake to Church softball, and I got pulled over. I tried really hard not to cry, because it annoys me when people do that in front of police officers, but the smart aleck cop asked me what my dad would do when I found out I got a ticket, and I started to cry! He ended up not giving me the ticket, but I felt like such a wimp breaking down in front of Kelsey-- It was the annoying hard sobbing-I can't speak or take a breath- crying. Embarrassing, I know.

VI. I use to work as an employment counselor for youth at risk. The youth were a lot easier to handle than some of their parents. This one crazy lady (and I literally mean crazy) once called me and yelled at me, calling me power obsessed. If you know me that well, power obsessed isn't really something you would lable me as- I would go more with spineless. Any ways, I was good about not crying when I was on the phone, but as soon as I got off I cried. Not because I was offended, but because I was mad! When I am mad, I cry.

VII. My most recent batch of crying occured yesterday. It was the day after my birthday and I collected the mail, excited to see I had several packages addressed to me!! Monica sent me a package and I open it up, and it's a copy of Tidbits. Tidbits is the little newpaper you get in Dairy Queens and such in the Tri-Cities with all the interesting little facts and tidbits. I loved reading them when I go home. Monica apparently had obtained a copy when she was visiting mom and dad, took it back home with her, and mailed it to me for my birthday. So I open it up and I am so touched by it that I start crying!! Not just my eyes watering, I was full on crying, with a couple of sobs. When I told Cody, he thought I was nuts, but it meant a lot to me that Monica knows me so well and knew how tickled I would be about getting the tidbits. So thanks, Monica!

For some people who aren't used to seeing people cry, you might think I am a bit crazy, and I am not going to argue that with you. When I was dating Cody, I don't think he had ever seen anyone cry so much. One of the best all time dating lines is what Cody said to me after we got in a fight. He came over the next day- I thought to apologize- and the first thing he does is gives me a hug and then says, "are you done being crazy?" Whoa!! What!! That would be the last time he ever said that to me! He learned to handle my crying and he even became very sensitive about it. But he was partially right, I think I am a bit crazy.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

One time, when I was in New York. . .

So I made it back from a four day weekend in New York City all in one piece. I went with three other gi rls from my ward. We left our kids and husbands at home so we could have a fun gi rls getaway. And Boy, was it fun!

We left on Friday morning and got to New York around noon. We took a taxi (because we are wussys) from the airport to Manhattan. You can tell how inexperienced a travelers I am because when I was in the taxi, I kept thinking, "Wow, I am in a NYC taxi!" That was excitement in itself. Our hotel was right in the middle of Timesquare- the Marriott Marquis- and boy was it nice! We stayed on the 35 floor, and it had a great view of New York City. So the first day, we walked around Timesquare, visiting a couple of the shops and eating dinner. It was cold! We were pretty bundled up, and we looked forward to getting into any store, even just for a moment to get warm again. We went back to our hotel to rest of a bit (we were with two pregnant ladies) and then we got ready to go to our Broadway show. We saw Wicked and it was incredible. Its the story behind wizard of oz- the story was okay, but it was mostly the singing and the set that impressed the heck out of me.

The next day we went to SOHO, which is the known for its shopping, and we went to a bunch of different stores. We went by way of Subway, which people had warned us before was stinky and an unfun way to travel, but I didn't think so- it was fun and easy. We got off the subway in China town, which was probably the scariest section of New York that I saw. There were tons of street vendors that came right up in your personal space to try to get you to buy their stuff. One of my friends wanted to buy some fake purses- apparently china town is the place to buy imitation everything! Its illegal to sell the fake purses, so when we found someone selling the fake purses, we had to follow him several blocks onto an off the beat road and into a scary building. Most of my friends are pretty well traveled so they weren't so concerned that we were following a stranger, who hardly spoke English, into a building that had a bolt on the door. I made it half way up the first flight of stairs, when I just got too scared to keep going. One of my friends agreed to wait with my on the street while the other two gi rls kept going up the stairs. The building was about 15 stories high, and my friends said they went almost to the top (these were the two pregnant gir ls!) So I waited outside, planning on what I was going to do if they didn't come down- I was imagining them being boxed up and shipped to some foreign land where they would be sold into a harem or something. But they came out with their fake purses all in one piece. I didn't do any shopping in SOHO, so I was the one waiting in the dressing room, to tell all my friends if I liked what they were trying on or not. That's always tricky-I don't like it! One of my friends just has such a different style than me.

After SOHO, we were going to go to the Met, but we stopped at our hotel to drop off our bags, and decided to rest (again, two pregnant ladies) and we got stuck there-enjoying the warm room! We made a quick trip to the New York Library (a beautiful building) and Grand Central Station. We decided to go to the Met the next day, and to try to get into another Broadway play that night. We stood in a line, where you could buy tickets half priced for that day. So we went to Beauty and the Beast. It was okay- I probably would have said it was incredible if I hadn't seen wicked the day before. Wicked made Beauty and the Beast look like a college play, but it was still good on its own.

The next day we went to the Met. It was cool, but I don't know much about art history, so I was done a bit earlier than the other two. The Met is on the upper east side, and the neighborhood was beautiful! Its what I imagined New York living to be like- like You've Got Mail. I really enjoyed that part of town and we ate at a really yummy cafe. We walked through Central park which was also very beautiful. If I lived in New York, that's where I would live (if I was a millionaire, that is!) That night we went to the top (top meaning to the observatory) floor of the Empire State Building. It was a beautiful view and just incredible to see that many buildings!!

ON our last day, we went downtown to see the statue of liberty. This was definitely the most spiritual part of the trip. As we approached the statue on our ferry, history hit me. It was amazing that I was watching it in real life (see what a cheesy tourist I am). Afterwards, we stopped at ground zero- there is a little fence that is a memorial- with pictures, the time line of Sept 11, and the name of those who died. It was hard to be there in person, to see all around us, where the buildings are so obviously missing.

We made a quick visit to Little Italy on our way back to the hotel so we could get something to eat. Little Italy was quiet festive, but we didn't have much time to look around. We had to hurry to get back to our hotel and leave. We wanted to take an earlier flight so that we could get home at a decent time and . . .We were so tired of being out in the cold!

We had a great time, not only seeing New York City, but also being with the gir ls. We all learned a lot about each other, and we even discovered that one of the gir ls was pregnant- she was trying to hide it but everything she did was suspicious- going pee three times a night, eating saltines in the morning! So we finally got her to confess! All three of the gir ls have done so much more traveling than me. They were always starting stories- Once, when I was in London. . . Once when I was in Cambodia. . . Once, when I was in Argentina. . .And basically all I could say was, once when I was in Pasc0. . .But now, I can start all my stories. . Once, when I was in New York. . .!!!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Give my Regards to Broadway. . .

By this time tomorrow night, I will be sitting in the Gershwin Theater in New York City watching a broadway musical. Airplane ticket to NYC. . . .$98. Broadway ticket. . . 115$. Fulfilling my dream of visiting NYC. . . priceless.

I am going with a group of gal pals I have here. None of us have been to NYC so we are in for a wild time, trying to navigate ourselves around the city. To be honest, I am a little nervous. . mostly about the flight to NYC- I usually have a little fear of flying- well not flying, mostly falling or exploding out of the sky. Thats more of what my fear is. But NYC is a little more scary that most cities to fly into in my mind. But I am sure I will be fine, Mom.

Okay, its late; I'm still packing. Bon Voyage!

Monday, January 01, 2007

A Reason to Come Visit

Well, finally the holidays are over. I think I am ready for it this year. I have been sick almost all of vacation with the stomach flu and now I think I have a sinus infection. Apparently I haven't been very good this year, because I would describe being sick all of Christmas akin to getting lump in your stocking. Maybe Santa read my 'Wiping up the Mud' posting. Oh well, there's always next year. . .

In between my sickness though, we were able to go to the children's museum here in Pittsburgh- hands down the coolest children's museum I have ever been to. We could have stayed there for hours with so many things for Claire to do. Every time I go, I think of my nieces and nephews that would love it; they would just have a ball. But I really doubt anyone of them will come visit us. When I suggest they come visit, they always ask, 'is it close to New York City?'- like visiting me isn't enough of a draw!! So I have decided a new tactic- I am going to post pictures of Claire at the Children's museum, and then you will all be dying to bring your kids here. Who cares about Disney Land- come visit Pittsburgh, PA!!
Yes, that is the trolley from Mr. Rodgers Neighbor-hood. It is a little known fact that Mr Rodgers was in fact from Pittsburgh- many of the attractions that they visited in the show are here in Pittsburgh. At the Children's Museum they have a whole area set up as Mr Rodgers' Neighborhood. And if that is not enough for you, read on. . .

This is really cool- a whole network of planks that you can keep climbing up and up until you are on the second floor. Claire had a good time. Still not convinced. . . Okay how about this:
Claire is in a mini cooper in the automotive section- it has all these cool things for kids, probably a little more interesting for kids older than her, but she still had a good time. . .

Here is Claire's favorite part of the museum- the art room. Claire loves to paint, but they also have sculpting, paper making, silk screening, and chalk art. Sooooo cool. Not to mention that the smocks are too cute.
OH, this pictures speaks for itself- how freakin' cute is that. This floor is the water floor, where they just get to play with water in all sorts of ways and they get to wear a rain coat and rain boots.

So even if none of this really appeals to you, then I make my final plea for you to come visit- to see the cutie in the raincoat in real life. Believe me she is worth the visit. She sings, and dances, and gives you hugs. What more could you ask for. . . .

Happy New Year!