Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Break

The last spring break I actually had was back in 2002 when I was teaching high school. So it's been a while. But for some reason, my mind decided to take a blogging spring break. I didn't plan on it, but life got busy, then a little more busy, and then a little less busy, and I just didn't feel like sitting down and writing. I stressed about not posting. I stressed about not commenting on your posts. Then I just decided to stop stressing and take a break. I was looking over my blog and noticed that last year, around this same time, I also took a spring break. Maybe every March I take a spring break and I don't notice. Maybe not. Maybe I am delusional. The point is, I am back.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

One Down, 9 To Go

My mom requested more pictures of Morgan, and I am only too happy to comply. Here she is in all her squishy goodness.
By the by, it's cold here.
And here is another picture I love of her. If you look at it long enough you begin to believe she is a giant bobble head doll. Look at her head compared to her arms. Giant!

Truth be told, I took this picture a couple of days ago when it was 70 degrees out and we went on a walk to the park. (I know this contradicts what I said earlier, but we had one freak day of warm weather and now it is back to cold, get off my back!) I was messing around with my camera, figuring out how the macro function works. Got it.
This brings up a fun point. Well, fun for me, but probably boring to you. I am fully aware of when my posts are lame, but even lame posts have their place.
Back to the point. I am taking a photography class. Now if you are a truly dedicated Brooklet reader, you would be thinking right about now, "oh, that was one of her New Year's goals.'' Darn tootin' it is! And if you are not a dedicated Brooklet fan, about now you would be thinking, "this post is getting lamer". It's okay, I welcome all frames of minds.
Okay, back to the point about the point. I am loving the class. Sure it's full of old ladies who like to take pictures of flowers and mountains and pets. Sure it's full of people who like to hear themselves comment on completely random completely off the subject topics. But I am learning a lot about my camera and the main reason I am taking this class is to get better pictures of my kids. In our class last week, we were learning about F-stop, ISO, Shutter Speed, Depth of Field, yada yada and it was making my head hurt trying to put all the pieces together. I love that feeling. It's what I loved about school- being challenged, feeling the wheels straining against each other, not quite spinning, but you know any moment it will just click and you will suddenly understand; suddenly you are enlightened; suddenly you are Spartacus. What a great feeling.