Monday, November 22, 2010


I remember when Cody was applying to dental schools and we first got the interview request letter from the University of Pittsburgh, I thought it was such a random place. I didn't even know that Cody had applied there. When it came down to making a decision on which school we would attend, Cody and I made a little list of the pros and cons of the schools and cities and without much hesitation or uncertainty, we accepted Pittsburgh's offer. What a blessed decision.

I don't know if you couldn't tell, but I LOVE Pittsburgh. It is old, crowded, and the road system was apparently designed by a blind man, but it is all so wonderful (okay, the road system is not wonderful). And though the city, by itself, is pretty cool, I know I wouldn't feel the way I do about Pittsburgh if it wasn't for the wonderful people I met there, and the amazing friends I made. It really was such a wonderful experience and time in our life. I have often thought back to that initial decision of Cody's and mine, how we could have chosen a different school, a different city, met different people, had different friends, and while I am sure that we probably would have had a good experience somewhere different, I am just so happy we were blessed enough to find ourselves in Pittsburgh.

Last month, I had a chance to get together with several of these Pittsburgh girls in Las Vegas. We have all gone our separate ways, and some of us haven't seen each other since last years girls trip, but as soon as we saw each other, we instantly fell back into that fun, comfortable friendship that we enjoyed in PA. We talked non-stop for four days, laughing, crying, sometimes laughing and crying at the same time, eating, getting spooked by Amy's mere mention of ghost stories, and then talking some more. I really had such a fun time.

These are lovely girls, inside and out.

As for the agenda, we really didn't do anything very 'Las Vegasy'. We went to one Comedy show and we drove by the Bellagio fountains while I imagined Clare de Lune in my head. We ate yummy food and just enjoyed good, good company.

It's been over a month ago and I am still smiling about it. I am just counting down the days until I get to see them again.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

In the News

So I was on the news.

Normally when I watch people being interviewed on TV, and I am talking regular people who don't normally appear on TV, I always think to myself, ". . .and that's what you chose to wear?" I know, so judgmental, right? Especially for one who often goes out in public looking pretty scrubby. But if I was appearing on TV, I would give some serious thought to what I chose to wear.

I definitely wouldn't have chosen my sparkly striped shirt that makes me look like I am trying to be 14.

And I would have done my hair. Just saying.

My friend, Adrienne, and I were at a park with our kids when we were accosted for a simple interview.

Now I have been interviewed once before on camera, back when I was in high school, for my best friend Bridget's documentary for her film class. When she finally showed us all her documentary, I was MIA in it. When I asked Bridget about it, she told me with the all the sensitivity befitting a best friend, "oh, yeah. I couldn't use any of it." Because I was that bad.

11 years hasn't made me any more eloquent. The interview went basically like this:

She asked a question- I sputtered like a doodlebug.

Then she asked another question- I buttered like a spoodledug

She asked Adrienne a question- Adrienne answered with complete and coherent thoughts.

She asked me another question (the interviewer is a slow learner)- I manage not to sputter like a doodlebug and get out a complete sentence. Unfortunately, I ended up quoting the cheesiest line known to mankind, and of course, that is what made it into the final cut. Since this was Alabama local news, I really wish I could have said something a lot more sensational, like "hide your kids, hide your wife, hide your husband. . . you are so dumb, you are really dumb, for real." Maybe next time.

I am on it a couple of times, so is my friend Adrienne, and so is, apparently, Erin, the secretary from The Office.