Sunday, July 13, 2008


One of the great things about pregnancy is nesting. It is this burst of energy, this manic desire to get everything clean, organized, and ready for the baby. Last summer at this time I was nesting and I was taking names and kicking butt (in a clean-your-house-de-junk kinda way). This summer, no such luck. But our yard and house are in desperate need of some attention. Not just 'some' attention, but like "hey look at us, we're Speidi and insecure so give us some attention" attention. That is some serious attention.

But alas, I am not nesting. I am not even weeding. I'm barely making my bed everyday. Therein lies my problem. I am in a state of humidity-induced laziness. I blamed the humidity last year for my laziness, too.

I wonder what I will blame my laziness on when I actually have an air conditioner.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Hello New Jersey!!!

Down by the old New Jersey Shore. . .

Mostly, Morgan did this:

(sit and eat sand)

Mostly, Claire did this:

and this,

and some more of this.

We did some of this

which resulted in this.

We also went and did this:

which this little girl loved

though she did have some minor technical difficulties

but don't worry- mom is a pro!

and Morgan was just stuck in the pack, being gooey.

Some of the highlights for me, not pictured are:

seeing fields full of fire flies

grilled squash

running in the waves with Claire and Morgan

watching the fire works

ice cream on the board walk