Thursday, April 23, 2009

What My Mother Doesn't Know

With a title like that you would think I have some juicy confession, but no. I am way to boring for anything like that. What my mother doesn't know is that she has started an epidemic over here in our little corner of PA. A birdie sling epidemic.

I am quite sure when she sent me the purse pattern, she had no idea that it would spread, multiply and and replenish the earth so fast. It has been just over six weeks since I stitched the last little button on my bag, and today I can count eleven birdie slings made since then, and three more under construction, and several more in the planning stages. We are talking epidemic proportions!

I am thinking Amy Butler (the designer of the bag) should send my mom some commission, for helping spread the birdie sling infection!

Here are just five of the slings. It is really fun for me to see the different fabrics and colors that everyone is coming up with. It really is the best kind of epidemic to have!
For funsies, let take a running total of these girl's sling production:
Me, I have made two, one as a gift
Elise, has made three, with two more cut out (she is slightly crazy)
Gina, has made two, and someone who saw her bag is paying her $75 to make one for them,
Melanie, has made one and is making another
Amy, to my knowledge, this is her only one (so far)
and several other s not pictured have made and are making some.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'd Like a Pink Parasol

It must be spring since it has been about a month since I posted. Busy month. Lotsa happening. Let's just take it one thing at a time.

There are few things that I can actually rate as the best or worst of all time, without doubt, hesitation, or the feeling that I am being overly dramatic. Claire's fifth birthday is one of those times. In her five short years, with five loud birthday celebrations, this birthday was the worst birthday she has had. No competition. No question.

For starters, it was only our small family in attendance. That in and of itself isn't bad, but she has always had friends come to her birthday parties, so all through our simple celebration she kept saying, "I don't like this party. Where are all the kids?"

We decided not to have a kid party this year because we were out of town up until the day before her birthday, which was actually on Easter Sunday, but we, being goodly parents, lied and told her her birthday wasn't until Monday because we weren't ready for it on Sunday. I feel no shame. So Monday, at four o'clock, I finally went to buy Claire some birthday presents. At 5:30 I put her cake in the oven and ate dinner. At 6:00, whilst the cake was a coolin', we get a call from our realtor asking if we could show our house in an hour (panic). So we hurriedly and harriedly cleaned our house and got the heck outta there, leaving the cake unfrosted, and the presents unwrapped. We went to get some ice cream, got creeped out by the ice-cream guy, came home at 8:00 and smeared a slab of frosting on a corner of the cake, put candles on, and Cody wrapped the gifts like he was a blind man with an aversion to tree-huggers.

And it turned out just fine (lame-o, but fine). After eating cake and opening presents, she finally admitted that she was five, and I could tell she had a good time. But still, worst birthday in her short little life.

(she asked for an umbrella for her b-day)

We love her so much and never get tired of her silly imagination, we do get somewhat tired of her excessive drama (I don't know where she gets it), and her feet are starting to look like grown up feet (that makes me kinda sad). I am mostly struck by how fast she is growing into a little girl. Lovely.