Monday, June 06, 2011

On the Subject of Mohawks

Ever since Cody saw the Derrick kids with mohawks, he has dreamed about having a son, so he could one day shave a mohawk onto his head. Well, his dreams came true.

After the first time we cut Lukes locks, it grew back in curly and crazy. It just stuck straight up and was always a mess. But we kind of loved his crazy curls. However, they were getting outta control. So Cody took it into his own hands and shaved his mohawk, all while the girls and I were telling him to stop, telling him how mad we were that he was cutting Luke's hair!

So here's the damage. Cody is unbelievable proud.



After After:

We left it in the short mohawk phase for a few days to my utter embarrassment. People were eyeing him everywhere I went. I felt I should make a disclaimer wherever I went: My husband did this; I had no say.

Plus, he fell onto the cement and skinned his face, right below his eye. So he looked really tough. My vanity was so ruffled that when I got asked by one of the nursery workers, "What happened to Luke?", I naturally assumed she was talking about his hair cut. So I went into a long schpeal disavowing all responsibility for it. She, of course, was talking about the big gash on his face, not his hair. Oh yeah.

I have sense done my responsibility as a parent and shaved his hair all one length. But I miss the curls.