Sunday, February 28, 2010

February in Review

I feel a bit boring just putting pictures on all my posts. I have a desire to write things, but just not much down time to do it. I have three kids now. Life has actually been really good since little Luke has come along. I have been really busy, tired, and oddly enough, super happy. Usually tired + me = not super happy, but I have just been surging with good feelings. I think my body is just so happy to not to have all the extra hormones of pregnancy. I sometimes get asked by people how life is with three kids. This is what my life is with three kids.

I felt like February was off to a good start.

Claire and I made valentines for her kindergarten class. And if you ignore that fact that by the end of making the cards, Claire was almost in tears, and I was in a bad mood that lasted for the rest of the evening, everything went pretty well.

A big secret I have for surviving having more children than I do arms, is that I inevitably have to ignore one or more of them for some periods of time. And this is just a result of some of my ignoring:

(I found Morgan on the counter, downing bottles of red and blue sprinkles like it was juice)

(And then one day I heard the water start running upstairs, and I go up to find these two hoodlums have a swim date in my bathroom. )


But this little smile. . . it's impossible to ignore.

we're doing just fine.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

2 months+



You may be getting bored with pics of my kids, but that's what happens when you have a baby and a blog. You post pictures, lots of gooey pictures.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Snow Day

Where we live in Virginia typical doesn't get much snow. This past weekend we had a "big" snow storm where it snowed a foot in one day and EVERYTHING shut down. Church was cancelled, school was cancelled for two days, the hospital where Cody worked was closed. It was the biggest snow storm in 20 years. I am giggling as I write this, because I know some of you are in locations like Pittsburgh or Utah that get so much snow, a foot is just considered a dusting. It would take much more than a foot of snow to close school, much less a hospital. But to be fair to Virginia, in places that get snow frequently, they have snow plows, employees, and money budgeted to plow all the streets before you even wake up in the morning. We don't have that here, because it rarely snows. So the streets weren't plowed and they were pretty bad for several days as we waited for the sun to melt it away. We had a nice, cozy, long weekend at home, with a winter wonderland in our backyard.

What Ghetto Parenting Looks Like: