Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring Break '11

My parents made their first voyage down south to visit my little family is the great state of Alabama. It was also Claire's spring break, so we made sure to have a nice mixture of going fun places and staying home, being lazy, eating food. All of it was fun.

Places we went:
:: Science Center {always a good time to be had by the kids}
:: Jim and Nick's BBQ- so good!
:: Botanical Gardens {may have forgotten to bring stoller, so it may have been a little miserable toting the wiggly Luke around}
::Newks- {also yummy, too bad my parents didn't think so}
:: A really bad Mexican Restaurant where a gnat came and landed on my disgusting enchilada. When the waitress came to ask if we were all done, my dad told her, "We'll, we are finished but the gnat is still eating." Good one, dad.
:: To the park to fly a kite
:: Costco {because it's just so fun there}

We seriously mostly hung out around the house, talking, baking, and eating! Grandma and Grandpa spent a lot of time with the grand kids, telling stories, reading books, going on walks. We had so much fun.

PS: I spent the weeks before my parents came, telling them how sweet Morgan is right now. So Morgan chose to act like a little stinker the whole week, especially to my mom. Apparently Morgan had a bone to pick with her, because she just gave her attitude all week. When we asked if she loved Grandpa, Morgan said, "yes". When we asked if she loved Grandma, she said "um, a little bit." When we dropped the grandparents at the airport, Morgan said goodbye to my dad, but when I told her to say goodbye to grandma, she said, "oh, no. I only say goodbye to one person." So Grandma didn't get a goodbye. The little stinker. As soon as we drove away from the airport, all I heard from Morgan was, "I'm sad. I miss Grandma."

PSS: Morgan sang Katy Perry's "Baby, You're a Firework" about a thousand times for my parents and anyone in hearing range.

{Dad only mentioned about 100 times that his grass is much greener than our grass}

{Morgan refused to scoot closer to Grandma. Seriously, what a stinker}

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Maximus and Javier

Back in January, Claire and Luke both required haircuts.

Warning: Some of the following images may be disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

It was long past the time for Luke's hair to be cut. It was starting to get so long and combed over, he was channeling a Trump, so I took out the clippers, gave him a go over, and he came out of the battle looking like a gladiator. Like a short, flabby gladiator with a double chin that wobbles when he walks. As soon as I sheered off his smooth locks, I regretted it. Suddenly his babyness was gone. He looked like a different kid. Cody kept calling him Maximus. I was sad. But it was for the better and I got use to it right quick. He is pretty handsome.

Now Claire. Claire's haircut was also one of necessity. When her hair is long, it is the thing that she is constantly messing with, whether she is twisting it into knots or sucking on the ends. Her hair was disgusting and such a beast to comb out every morning. So I decided we had to cut it short. So me and my frugal self took her to a place to get it cut where I had a $5 coupon. Note to self: don't take you daughter to any place that has 'Clips" in the title. Such a bad haircut. Claire has really thick hair, so I asked the lady to cut it in a nice round bob. She instead cuts it it pretty blunt, with the back longer than the sides. I have this horrible problem of letting bad haircuts go without saying anything to the hair-cutter. Shouldn't I have told that lady as soon as she was done that the hair cut was not what I asked for and that it was horrible? But I felt bad, since I was only paying $5 for it.

I didn't say anything and left with my daughter sporting the same do as the Javier Bardem in No Country for Old Men:

And the worst part, I just left it. It's grown out a little bit now, so it looks a little better, but still. I think there is a general parenting rule out there that if you child resembles the appearance of a psychopath in anyway, you should fix that--quick. Don't worry. I'll get around to fixing it one day.