Saturday, May 26, 2007

Happy Memorial Day!

Just spreading a little sunshine for you this weekend!
Happy Memorial Day!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Reason for Me

I was tagged by The PRP and also by Shells, so I guess I should comply.
Move 'em all up, take off the first, add yours to the bottom.

1) Eve
2) Melissa
3) 4 B's In A Pod
4) Life According to the PRP
5) Brooklet

Then tag five new.
I'm officially tagging:

The New Harkers

What were you doing ten years ago?
I was finishing up my sophomore year of high school. I was performing in my first play, "Anne of Green Gables" at the high school where I played Rachel Lynde. I was about to start my summer job of changing pipe in a hayfield for my brother. And I still had the ambition to be a film maker!

What were you doing one year ago?
I had just found out that I was expecting and I was starting to get morning sickness. We were also doing major landscaping in our backyard, leveling the ground (which I did with a shovel), laying sod, and building a retaining wall. I was serving in the primary presidency at church. Pretty much everything is the same a year later- still pregnant, still working in the yard, and still in the primary presidency!!

Five Snacks You Enjoy:
- a crisp apple (not to be confused with apple crips-yuck!)
- a cinnamon/raison bagel
- swedish fish
- reeses pieces
- oranges

(these are my pregnancy snacks!)

Five Songs You Know All The Words To:
Hit me baby one more time, Brittney Spears
The Battle of New Orleans, Johnny Horton
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B, Andrew Sisters
Breathe (2am), Anna Nalek
Song 2, Blur (one of my favorites)

Five Things You Would Do If You Were A Millionaire:
- Buy a home with a beautiful yard
- Buy a boat and jet ski
- Have a fantastic gift wrapping station in said home
- Buy all the flowers/trees/plants for my said beautiful yard
- Put the rest in a savings account

Five Bad Habits:
- Biting my finger nails- I am worse than anyone I have ever met.
- Gossiping
- Procrastinating
- Staying up late and sleeping in
- Leaving the dinner dishes until morning

Five Things You Like Doing:
- Gardening!!!!!
- Reading
- Imagining and creating
- Playing games
- Talking with friends and family

Five Things You Would Never Wear Again:
- Homemade underwear
- tapered anything ( I whole heartedly agree with everyone on that one)
- Anything with a disney character on it
- shirts and shorts made from the same print

- a fanny pack

Five Favorite Toys:
- Computer/internet- they go hand in hand
- Digital Camera
- ( I don't have one but. . ) a jet ski
- My jogging stroller
- My kitchen-aide

Monday, May 21, 2007

Ultimate Betrayal

Claire and I had a real busy day, shopping for flowers and then planting them!! I am so excited, but that is for another post altogether. She didn't have a nap today and she worked real hard outside in the dirt and mud, helping me plant flowers. So I brought her in, gave her bath and combed out her hair. It was near bedtime, so I knew she was super sleepy and really touchy- meaning anything could set her off into a full scale, nuclear meltdown. As I was combing her wet hair, I decided it was time to give her another haircut. Just a trim to help even things out. So I told her I was going get the scissors and cut her hair. She started to whine that she didn't want to cut her hair, yada yada yada, I took the scissors, hid them down the back of my pants, and walked back to her telling her to stop whining. I put her in front of the tv and took out the scissors. I told her I was just combing her hair, but I started to cut about an inch off. After I was done, she turned and looked at my lap and saw her hair on it and she asked, in the most disbelieving, sad, betrayed voice, "Is this my hair? Did you cut my hair?" She takes a little handful, as her mouth assumes full pouting mode and her eyes start to fill with tears, and puts it back on top of her head and says, through her tears, "Put it back." Needless to say, she cried for about 15 minutes, repeating over and over, "I want my hair back." So sad.

She is in bed now, all calmed down and I am sure that she has already forgotten it. It was necessary, it looks better, but I do feel a bit sheepish about my betrayal- but sometimes, I just gotsta do what I just gotsta do.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

A Super Shiny Bum Bum

Yesterday, I had a bunch of friends over for lunch as a final get together, since one of our good friends is moving this week. We had a good time gabbing and laughing away downstairs, while a couple of the older kids played upstairs in Claire's room- giggling away almost the entire time! So people started to leave, but one of my friends, Jana, stayed for a long time (in fact we invited her and her husband to stay for dinner) because I hadn't talked to her in weeks (she just had a baby). So while me and Jana were talking, Claire was up playing in her room, with what a assumed was a new found love for her toys. But no.
When Claire came down the stairs she was completely . No big deal, she takes her clothes off all the time, but then I noticed how her body was shining! All over her bottom and belly seemed to a be a nice sheen of grease or oil. She comes closer and I can smell immediately what it was. A&D. Butt cream for those who don't know. For three years I have kept the A&D in the basket with her diapers and wipes and she has never had a problem with touching it, squeezing it, or applying it all over her body! Cody takes Claire upstairs and gives her a second bath for the day, I check out the scene of the crime, while Jana is forced to whistle to herself downstairs. Claire's bedroom smelled strongly of of A&D, and it was wiped all over her bedspread, on a box of clothes, on her dresser. She had tried to wipe it off because there was dozens of greased up wet wipes all over the floor. Have you ever tried to clean up A&D- not fun.

This is what I love about having kids. Claire made a huge mess, stunk up the house, and wasted a whole bottle of A&D and a ton of wet wipes, but what I keep thinking about is seeing her come down the stairs as if nothing is wrong, all and shiny. It puts a smile on the face.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Triple Attack

Oddly enough, this week, so far, has had a theme. ATTACK. It all started with Claire and a certain "attack" in nursery on Sunday. She bit. Twice. Then she got kicked out. One of the kids was sticking his finger in her mouth, so she bit down (I can understand that one). Apparently, she liked the taste of human skin, because later, when another kid was taking a puzzle piece from her and his forearm was right there in front of her face, she smelt his and went for it! It didn't break skin, but it left an immediate bite-shaped welt that will definately do some big time bruising. Oops! So after that one, Claire was given the boot and she joined her daddy in the much more boring world of Priesthood. Claire loves nursery, so when she was escourted (that is, when she was carried out, screaming at the top of her lungs) she was so sad to be leaving. But hopefully that will teach her a lesson that you don't bite! This is the first time with her biting another kid. I felt a bit of embarrassment of having 'that kid' in nursery, but I take stock in the fact that this was her first time doing something, and hopefully her last. Hopefully she hasn't developed a taste for that sort of thing.

Speaking about a taste for that sort of thing, I just finished reading the book, "Twilight", by Stephanie Meyer. Sunny (my sister in law) recommended it to me so I thought I would take a break from Harry Potter (I know, I am a nerd, again- I feel no shame) to read another Young fiction! Its the story of a high schooler named Bella, who moves to a new school and falls in love with a vampire. Does that sound weird and lame or what? But it really isn't. I liked it because it really dwells on regular human emotions that create the character and allow you to accept the impossibility of the story. What I didn't like was that it was a bit overkill on the "he smiled at me and my heart flutter", "when he touched my hand I felt breathless", yada, yada. Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy my share of romantic chic lit talk, but even I have my limits- it's just a tad redundant. But the story line was good enough to hook me and now I am anxiously awaiting to read the the next book in the series.

And the third and final event regarding attacks was the attack that I suffered yesterday. Not from Claire, or a vampire, but from a at church. She didn't bite and she didn't suck , but I might have prefered that pain to the pain of her attack. It was verbal. I will let her attack, and I will take the bite like a big , knowing that she did more damage to her teeth than she ever could do to my arm.