Saturday, December 25, 2010

Have a. . .

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Key to Success

A successful night of gingerbread house making.

The key to success is to buy the kits where the house is already put together and all you have to do is add frosting and the candies provided. Oh, and to not be OCD if the girls put the candy on all crooked.

This particular kit was purchased before I had Luke, so the whole time we were putting it together, I kept telling the girls not to eat the candy, because it was old, old, and old and would upset their tummies. Yet, I still caught Claire eating the candy. Even threat of severe pain wasn't enough to deter her from eating candy (I don't know why, but I just thought about Michelle, here).

You may recognize Morgan's outfit as her Halloween costume. But they are actually pajamas, that she still thinks is a costume and she loves that she can wear them to bed. And during the day. They are her favorite things to wear. Best six bucks I have spent in a long time. She even insists on not turning on the bathroom light when she has to go potty, so that she can see her skeleton glow in the dark. Now that is dedication.

We had a lovely time. And we owe it all to pre-assembled gingerbread houses.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


If you haven't already caught on, we live in Alabama, far, far away from our family and people who say "pecan" the same way that we do. Due to this distance, we are forced to spend family holidays, such as Thanksgiving, all by our lonesome, in a place where egg custard is commonly considered a dessert. Though we miss our family something fierce, we really do have a good time with our own little family and whatever other friends that happen to also be marooned from their families.

This year we hosted Thanksgiving at our house with another family. Just some background info here: In the past when I have had to prepare Thanksgiving dinner, I have always made ham instead of turkey. Because A.) it's more yummier than turkey, B.) It is a whole lot easier to prepare than turkey, and C.) it is a whole lot harder to mess up than turkey. Cody and I are in agreement on this matter. However, we realize that when we invite another family to celebrate Thanksgiving, they might be severely disappointed to find out we won't be serving Turkey. So I was forced to make a turkey this year. First time ever. With no one to show me how.

I was really nervous about messing it up, and I read a lot of articles on the internet, talked to friends, sisters, my mom, getting all the advice I could and on Thursday morning I felt prepared. Until I pulled the bird out of the fridge and realized for the first time, I have issues with the fact that it looked like an animal. I am currently in the stage of whenever I see a baby animal it somehow reminds me of Luke. So seeing this turkey with its body parts flapping all around made me sad. I almost started to cry. That was unexpected, but Cody and I managed to laugh off how lame I was being, until I realized just how gross the whole sensation of cleaning out the inside of the bird was. I was just plain grossed out. But I handled it like I do everything that is serious- I laughed inappropriately.

After a few emergency phone calls to my mom and sister, the turkey turned out fine, as well as the rest of the dinner. We stuffed ourselves, had a good visit with our friends, and sent them on their way, feeling like we made it through our first turkey experience okay, though somewhat traumatized.

The next morning, I woke up with the bridge of my nose and corner of my right eye grotesquely swollen and infected. I looked pretty awesome, kind of like the blue monkey people on Avatar. You see, what had happened was almost overnight a cyst sprung up in the corner of my eyelid, almost in the exact same spot I had one several years ago. And thought the swelling has gone down, the cyst is still sticking out there, just so lovely. Our Christmas card will only include pictures of my kids this year, while I wait for my appointment with a plastic surgeon. Awesome.

Speaking of cysts and surgeries, remember the witch picture of Claire from Halloween and the cyst that randomly formed on her eyebrow? She had the surgery about a month ago to remove it and she now only has a little scar in her eyebrow. We recently got her lab results on what it actually was, and surprisingly, it was a tumor. A benign, cystic tumor which, I am told, is nothing to be worried about.

There you go. Probably more info than you could possible ever want to know, but I was getting a little tired of just posting pictures.

Thursday, December 02, 2010


A couple of days before Thanksgiving, we celebrated Luke's first birthday in a big way (when I say 'in a big way' I mean I made him some cupcakes, iced with store brought frosting (gag) and chocolate sprinkles on top). I am starting to be much more realistic when it comes to birthday parties for my kids. This year it just had to be simple. Besides, Luke is a party, in and of himself.

He is so busy. He is constantly on the go, constantly chasing after me at home in hopes I will either feed him or hold him. But if I am holding him (such as at church) he just tries to get away from me. He loves to play on the stairs, loves to empty kitchen cabinets, loves to hug by butting his head into your chest. And he is constantly happy and thinks everything is funny. Well, except for the Big Foot toy at Target. It freaks him out and he cries so hard when he sees it. So I make sure we stop and look at it ever time we are there.

We love him so much- he's kinda got me wrapped around his finger. Such a sweet boy!