Thursday, February 03, 2011

Valentine's Cards

Just in case you don't follow our craft blog (what?!), I wanted to share the valentines I made up for Claire to give to her class. I prefer homemade valentines, because they tend to be cuter and I don't have to stand at the store lamenting that the only choices I have are barbie or hello kitty (I haven't seen any Brat's cards this year. Maybe they read my blog). But mostly, I have a ton of fun creating them. This year, Claire is in a bigger class, so I went the digital route for cards.

The downloads and the instructions are over at our craft blog if you want to make your own. Just click on the picture of the valentine you want to take you over there.

Now, according to my translators, this card says, "Bandit! You have stolen my heart." But if my translators are wrong, then they are in big trouble, mister. Because I like to pretend I speak Spanish.

And if you are feeling super crafty, I also have a download and instructions to make "dancing" ballerina cards. Because everything is better when it moves!