Friday, September 07, 2012

First Day

It was a big first day of school for both of my girls. For Morgan, it was her first day of Kindergarten, first day in a big school, and first day riding the bus. She was worried (the night before in bed she kept crying for her old teacher Miss Sally, and she said she was scared. But by morning time, it was all forgotten and she was up, dressed fast, and ready to go.

Claire's big day was starting 3rd grade, at a new school. She was also worried about it the night before and started crying when she was telling me that she was scared about not knowing anybody (which wasn't entirely true, because she knows two girls that live next door to us that are in her grade). But, for her too, in the morning, all visible worry was forgotten and she was also dressed and ready in time to wave goodbye from the bus!

So far, I think both girls are having a good time and it is going well. The week before Morgan started Kindergarten, we went to open house to find out that she had been placed in a K/1st combined class. This was a last minute addition, because of the additional number of students registered this year. Morgan's teacher was hired the day before open house. So I left feeling very conflicted on her class. With the first week of school under her belt, I still feel a little anxious about it, only because we have heard nothing from her teacher. No notes home, no worksheets or school work sent home. Soooooo, I'm a little worried.

Best thing about the school year so far, they don't have to catch the bus at 6:45, like last year! We get to sleep in and believe me, it is better for everyone in our house!

(Morgan, little sweetheart, blowing me a kiss)

Monday, September 03, 2012

Labor Day


 For Labor Day, I took the kids to a nearby beach on Lake Michigan. It was beautiful and fun! The lake looks like the ocean, since it is so enormous and you can't see the other side, and the sandy beach was just perfect. Claire loved playing in waves, Luke didn't even want to touch the water, and he and Morgan had a good ol' time playing in the sand.  We shall be back!