Saturday, September 24, 2011

New York in July

Sooooo. . . way back in July I went on another trip to New York City. It was kind of a last minute trip (last minute, as in I planned to go a month before, but in my world, that is last minute) and I am so glad I had the chance to go. Not necessarily to see the big city, but because I was so fortunate to have great company on my trip.

Let me start at the beginning on how this whole thing came to be. My friend Gina, announced that she was moving to New Jersey for two months with her husband and kids, while her husband received job training there. So, like the good friend I am, I invited myself to stay with her and her family in their apartment in New Jersey, just right across the river from NYC. My friends Jana and Libby M, also invited themselves to Gina's apartment, and boy, did we ever have such a fun time.

(This was the view from Gina's apartment. Pretty darn cool.)

It was a quick weekend trip, but we fit in a few shows, some good food, and some great late night talks. This was my third trip to New York City and probably my least favorite "touristy" wise, because it was in July and it was HOT. The only real attraction we toured was the Brooklyn Bridge (because I once read a 600 page book on how it was built and I have an infatuation with the place). We walked up the Brooklyn Bridge, took pictures and turned back to find some air conditioning, stat.

We did go see two Broadway shows. The first was Jersey Boys, which I loved, LOVED the music (it's the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons), but the language was bad. In all my Broadway play experiences I have never been to one with bad language. So just be warned if you decide to go.

The second play, Billy Elliot, I did not like at all. Rated R in language alone, and I wasn't the biggest fan of the music or the story.

But what did not disappoint was the great time I had with my friends. Seriously, we haven't lived in the same state for two years now, but whenever we get together, it is as if nothing has changed. They are still so much fun to be around.

Oh, and the food. How could I almost forget??!! This was probably the yummest NYC trip for me so far. We ate breakfast at Norma's (I had the Banana Macadama Nut Pancakes- good grief, they were good), we ate an Eataly (such good Italian food, definitely recommend that). We ate pizza at Grimaldi's in New Jersey (right next to the store where Cake Boss is filmed). We had burgers and shakes at the Shake Shack, and donuts from Doughnut Plant. All of it--yummy.

And I didn't take a camera with me on my trip, so I have no pictures to prove I actually did any of this. I guess you'll just have to take my word for it.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Start of School

And. . . we're back! Summer has been busy and fun. Lots to write about, but of course, I probably won't.

School starts early here in Alabama, as in August 15, so Claire has already been in 2nd grade now for three weeks. She is enjoying it, but getting up so early is already starting to drag. Seriously, they moved up her bus stop time in the morning to 6:45am. Give me a break. Too early for a 7 year old (and the 30 year old that has to drag her out of bed in the wee hours of the morning). So I started taking her in the morning so she could get another 30 minutes of sleep. I could seriously rant on about their early school time for a while (and believe me, I have) but I'll spare you all the brunt of my rant.

(looking up at the camera would have just been too easy)

Morgan's preschool started last week and boy, oh, boy, is it fun to hear her come home from school, so excited and suprised that the teacher let her use scissors and glue. I guess I am not a fun mommy, since she doesn't get to use those here at home (because can you imagine how devasted we'd be if she cut off her curls??).

(yes, Luke is running half naked through the picture)

And also, our sweet Morgan had a birthday in the middle of August. She had a friend over and had a delightful little party. She got a big girl bike with training wheels and lots of these little erasers that come apart and you put back together. When I asked what her favorite present was, without skipping a beat, she declared the erasers to be the favored. She's easy to please.

Our little Morgan is really just a little slice of sunshine sent down to our family. She is very sweet and considerate of other people's feelings (well, usually. . .) and she always wants to do what is right. Plus she has the best laugh on earth. She hums in a low, monotone drone all day long and we love it! We feel so blessed that she gets to be in our family. We love her to pieces.