Friday, November 16, 2012

Halloween 2012

Halloween 2012
in Wisconsin
At the beginning of October, I am always rearing to get the Halloween season started! Decorations, fall weather, anxiously awaiting the parties that are to come. But by the time the parties come and go, I can't wait to pack up Halloween. Seriously, how many times do my kids have to dress up in costumes in get candy in a one month period. TOO many. By the time actual trick or treating came around, I was seriously over it. Plus, it was freezing outside. Wisconsin decided to make fall short in order to get a jump start on winter. Brr.
These pictures are from the trunk or treat. You may remember my feelings on trunk or treats. Where is the sport in it??
Morgan the Mermaid, and Luke the Neverland Pirate

He was really tickled to be dressed as a pirate. He didn't even want to take off the costume for bedtime. But by the time actual Halloween came, he did not want to put it on again. So he stayed home with Cody and helped hand out candy.

Morgan loved being a mermaid, but not the smartest costume for a cold Wisconsin Halloween. Even bundled in a coat, she only lasted about 1/2 an hour before she called uncle on the whole trick or treating outdoors thing.

Claire made her zombie costume. For the trunk or treat, I didn't put much blood and gore on her face, since, you know, it was at the church. But when we got to the party and she saw other kids with blood and gore on there face (because zombie/zombie vampires were the "it" costume this year, apparently), she was really disappointed she didn't have more. So on Halloween, I went full out with the make up, with rotted flesh, blood, and bruises. She was delighted.