Monday, December 24, 2007

3 Faces of Morgan




Merry Christmas!

(naturally, I couldn't get both of them to cooperate in the same picture, but they make a merry pair anyways)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Lately there has been an infestation in our house. It's everywhere; no space is to be spared. Even the cute little chubby folds in Morgan's neck can't hide from it. It's my hair. It is falling out in mass amounts and I am SICK OF IT! I pull out handfuls everyday while I am in the shower, only to find more in my towel, more on the floor, more in my clothes, more in my child's mouth. My hair falls out after I have a baby and we have now entered the critical mass fall-out point where I decide to chop it all off.

So this is basically what my hair looks like now.

I usually have it in a pony tail, otherwise it gets all over everything, as painfully detailed up above. I was hoping to go get it cut like this. . .

But after my hair started shedding, I was thinking more like this. . .

But at the rate it is going, I am seriously considering this. . .

Seriously, it's getting that serious. Seriously.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy

So far, December has been really busy for us. We just hosted the Primary Teacher Appreciation Dinner on Tuesday night, where my counselors and I prepared dinner for all of our teacher's and their families. We had a good turn out and all the food was really yummy. Thanks for everyone who helped and for everyone who came.

Tomorrow, we have the ward Christmas party and the primary is putting on a nativity for the ward. Diane, from the ward, is a fabulous seamstress, and she actually has costumes for all the kids in the primary for the nativity- I hear she even has a camel costume. This, I am excited to see and I will definitely be taking pictures. I am also helping prepare some of the dessert, so tomorrow will be a day of baking, again!

For some reason, I have been really slow getting into the holiday season this year. I feel like it is all going too fast, like we should still be preparing for Halloween. I am behind on everything- no Christmas tree, Christmas decoration partially up, haven't even started Christmas cards, no yummy Christmas treats, nada.
But I am starting to feel the changing of the tide; I feel my creative energy coming (creative energy is my life force, must have it to do anything productive). It started off with super Saturday last week. Nothing like making crafts and gabbing with girls to get my spirits soaring. I made these Christmas magnets for my magnet board.
Now, I am just waiting for Christmas cards to arrive, so I can stick 'em up.

I received my first Christmas gift a little early. . .

and I sewed with it tonight and it is DE-lightful! It is so empowering to have a sewing machine that works well. Creative ideas are just flowing through me as I harness the power of a Bernina! I am excited, if you couldn't tell.
Thanks, Mom and Dad!

The final touch to bringing the Christmas season into full swing is the blanket of snow that we are currently surrounded with. I liked how Sarah put it: "I love how snow blankets the earth and insulates it. It's as if Mother Nature were telling everyone to "shut-up" and listen."

So I will be listening, creating, baking, sewing, decorating, directing, and, as always, snugglin' up warm with Cody and my girls.