Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mourning What Once Was

My poor neglected blog. I miss it. I miss what it once was and what it no longer seems to be. It was once a creative outlet, a connection to friends and family, and a journal of all the small and big things in life that make it colorful. Now I just feel pressure to journal and by journal, I mean put pictures up of my kids with captions. Which doesn't sound very creative to me.

And it's not just me. What was once a bustling cyber-city of blogs, with cute new headers every two months, and blog lists running down the sides with blogs from practically everyone you ever met, is now a ghost town. I mean, sure the professional craft bloggers are still abundant and proceeding on as plentiful as always, but the blogs I really care to read, those of my friends and family, are being abandoned, with posting spaced out to every few months, to being slowly forgotten altogether. It makes me sad.

I'm not one to talk, obviously. It has been four months since I posted and a whole, whole lot has happened in my life since then (oh, you know, like moving states and all) and yet I can't get myself to sit down and actually document it. I still do often stop mid-blog-worthy-event and think about how I would write about it, but when it comes to sitting down in front of the computer, laziness, lack of enthusiasm, etc, etc, intervenes.

 I miss the banter in the comments section, the inside jokes, the inside knowledge I had of my friends lives, even if I haven't seen them in years. I miss the way I use to feel more connected. I miss the enthusiasm for blogging that everyone use to have. What happened?

Facebook, instagram, pinterest?? I do enjoy getting snippets of your lives from these, but that is all they are. Snippets. Give me feeling, give me humor, give me more!! Ah, I have started the desperate begging, which is my cue to wrap up before I look too needy (too late).

I don't know if I will ever get back to the golden days of blogging, but I am going to try a little more. I hope you do, too.

PS. I still have a handful of friends who update their blogs pretty regularly and to you I say this: Thank you! You are the highlight of my googlereader.