Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Second Child

I realized that I haven't caught a lot of Morgan's latest developments on camera yet. She can do all sorts of tricks that would put any bad amateur magician to shame.

She can wave hi and bye-bye; She can clap her hands; she can crawl, pull herself up on her knees and into a standing position. She can do complex yoga moves that have no name; and she knows the same wrong words to Amazing Grace. She's incredible.

Here are some videos of her for your viewing pleasure. I still haven't filmed many of her tricks, but lets be honest here. Second child. She's lucky to even have pictures of herself before kindergarten.

Drats. I can't get the other video to post, maybe next time.

Monday, May 26, 2008


This is what we did for Memorial Day.

We went outside.

And played in the water.

Here are her new chompers.

And she isn't the biggest fan of crawling on grass.

Monday, May 19, 2008


I am perfectly aware that vacation posts make most people want to pull out their eyelids down and tuck them quaintly underneath their chin. So I will spare you the details. You just want to see pics anyways, to see how fat I look in my swimsuit. So here goes.

Here is the gang in all our glory.

Jason, Jana, Cody, Me, Morgan, and Melanie.

Here are the rest of the hoodlums:

Aubrey, Claire, Jackson, Ellie, and Noah.

We stayed at a beautiful resort that had a lot of fun things to do.

Rock Climbing




We took a few day-trips

Our happy family at Disney World!

(Still a picture at Disney World, but we also went to Universal's Island of Adventure Park. Pretend that this picture is there.)
Favorite parts of the trip:
Sitting front row on the Duelling Dragons ride,
Getting teary eyed as Claire saw the Disney Princesses in the parade and was so in awe that they waved to her,
Riding Splash Mountain with Claire,
Eating 3 pounds of licorice by myself,
Our plane getting struck by lightening on our way home.
Good times.
Thanks Jason and Jana, for letting us tag along!

Sunday, May 04, 2008


I am off for some sun! See you next week!